• Lucy

    Owner and Founder

    Favorite print is the Green Highland CowsOwner and Founder

    Favorite print is the Green Highland Cows

  • Keely

    Order Distributor

    I love working at R&S because Lucy is such a lovely person to work for. Its great fun and
    satisfying doing the work knowing we are sending out "happy" parcels to all our excited

    Favourite design is Autumn Dreaming & Sunflower

  • Millie

    Warehouse Operative and Order distributor

    I love working for R&S because Lucy is an incredible boss always being very supportive and
    has given me the opportunity to learn new skills in this industry. It is a very rewarding and
    enjoyable job.

    Favourite design has got to be Western/Cowboy

  • Lou

    Customer Services Manager

    I love working at R&S as I love to work in a happy team environment delivering great quality
    products. Lucy is a delight to work for and has a great ethos towards customer service. She
    also lets my doggies come to work as well, what isn't there to like!

    Favourite design is Happy Flowers (with faces) and probably all Christmas designs as I
    LOVE Christmas.